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Introduction to Pebbledashing

The term pebble-dashing is often associated with the application of small stones that are seemingly stuck to a render on the outside of properties. Other names used to describe the process are Dry-dashing, Harling and roughcasting. It is a finish that according to Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud, is a building material for which "a revival is long overdue".

The ability to protect the external walls of buildings from all extremes of weather has always appealed to architects and builders who want a long lasting appearance that will extend the life of the building.

Lots of choice

Over the years we have pioneered the washing, blending and bagging of aggregates that gives a range of colours that is unrivalled and meets the most demanding customers’ requirements. By stocking thousands of tonnes of bagged materials we are ready to supply our best-selling range and we are able to deliver to all destinations in quantities to suit each individual job. We have samples available to make it easier to make your choice. Order Samples 

Benefits of Pebbledashing 

*Decorative and visually pleasing  *Improved water shedding properties  *Gives architects and designers a wide choice of colour and textures to work with  *Adds value to a property   *Provides insulation   *Long lasting and cost effective   *Protects from harsh conditions

Pebbledashing helps keep heat in the home

Pebble-dashing is stylish and sensible; many a grand Scottish castle is pebble-dashed, as are many other buildings exposed to harsh conditions in remote, weather-beaten places. Experts are quick to draw a distinction between that suburban post-war pebbledash – a mixture of sand, cement and aggregate – and roughcast rendering in which slightly larger stones are applied to the walls and then painted. But even they agree that in certain places any old pebbledash is the perfect covering. 

By using an aggregate finish the property will benefit from a maintenance free finish that when applied correctly will last the lifetime of the property. 

At Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates we have devised to give all parties involved in the application of dry-dashing aggregates an indication as to the correct way to use the products. This guide will only deal with issues relating to the aggregates being used and will not attempt to offer guidance or advice regarding the render that they are being applied on to. The current British Standard Code of practice for External Renderings BS EN13914-1:2005 offers little guidance regarding the specific process used to apply dry-dashing and our online guides, found on this website are intended to provide good practice methods that when used on all applications will reduce the likelihood of problems. Derbyshire Specialist Aggregates have been processing aggregates for use in the dry-dashing market for over 20 years. During this time the processes used have been developed to ensure a clean consistent product can be supplied at all times. By working with contractors, system designers and specifier's our range has developed into the most comprehensive set of products available.

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